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NodeifyWP and Twenty Sixteen React Debut at WordCamp Denpasar

Today, I am speaking at the inaugural WordCamp Denpasar. I will be giving a talk on NodeifyWP and Twenty Sixteen React, giving the debut demo of the framework.

NodeifyWP is a framework, created by 10up, for creating isomorphic JavaScript applications within PHP and WordPress. Twenty Sixteen React is an example theme using the framework along with React.js and Redux.

Here are the slides for my talk:

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WordPress Best Practices at WordCamp Porto 2016

Today I'm presenting on Best Practices for WordPress at WordCamp Porto 2016. This talk is similar to my WordPress Best Practices for Enterprise talk but will be a bit more general and has some updated topics. Specifically, this presentation will include:

  • – Caching for high traffic situation
  • – Security techniques
  • – Writing maintainable/extensible code
  • – Optimizing database reads/writes
  • – Search
  • – Browser performance
  • – Workflows
  • – Utilizing third party libraries

Slides for anyone who needs them:

This presentation is based on 10up’s amazing Best Practices.

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ElasticPress at WordCamp Miami and WordCamp Belo Horizonte 2015

On May 30 I am presenting at WordCamp Miami 2015. My session is titled “Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch”. I have revamped the talk a bit to accommodate less technical users. Rather than running through Elasticsearch configuration, I am talking more about example ElasticPress queries. I’ll be doing the same talk June 13 at WordCamp Belo Horizonte.

Here are my slides for the talk:

Don’t forget that comprehensive documentation for ElasticPress lives on Github.

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ElasticPress at WordCamp Paris

This weekend I presented at WordCamp Paris 2015. My session was titled “Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch”. The talk ran through issues with WordPress search, what Elasticsearch is, setting up an Elasticsearch cluster, and configuring ElasticPress.

Elasticsearch is a very exciting technology and I am thrilled at the chance to spread information about it. I (and 10up in general) am very proud of the work we have done on ElasticPress. My hope is that more people will install the plugin and give us feedback as a result of the talk.

Here are my slides for the talk:

Don’t forget that comprehensive documentation for ElasticPress lives on Github.

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Computer Science in WordPress

Last year I did a presentation at WordCamp Orange County, WordCamp Birmingham, WordCamp Toronto, and WordCamp Providence called “What You Missed in Computer Science”. I have a Computer Science degree which I believe has provided me with some tools to think about problems in a certain way. This presentation will teach you about some of those tools, specifically Big-Oh Notation and race conditions. I will frame these Computer Science topics in terms of WordPress.

You can see a video recording of me giving the talk here at WordCamp Providence. I am reposting the slides on SlideShare since they seem to have disappeared:

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WordCamp Ottawa

This weekend I was lucky enough to present at the 2nd annual WordCamp Ottawa. My talk was titled “Saving Time with WP-CLI”. WP-CLI is a plugin that lets you interact with your WordPress installations via the command line. My talk runs through some cool built-in WP-CLI commands as well as creating custom commands. My slides for the talk are here: