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  • NodeifyWP and Twenty Sixteen React Debut at WordCamp Denpasar

    Today, I am speaking at the inaugural WordCamp Denpasar. I will be giving a talk on NodeifyWP and Twenty Sixteen React, giving the debut demo of the framework. NodeifyWP is a framework, created by 10up, for creating isomorphic JavaScript applications within PHP and WordPress. Twenty Sixteen React is an example theme using the framework along with…

  • WordPress Best Practices at WordCamp Porto 2016

    Today I'm presenting on Best Practices for WordPress at WordCamp Porto 2016. This talk is similar to my WordPress Best Practices for Enterprise talk but will be a bit more general and has some updated topics. Specifically, this presentation will include: – Caching for high traffic situation – Security techniques – Writing maintainable/extensible code –…

  • WP API at WordCamp Boston 2014

    This weekend I am presenting at WordCamp Boston 2014. My talk is on the JSON REST API for WordPress. I will be explaining what the API does, how to use some of it’s endpoints, and showing an interesting use case. [slideshare id=38282975&doc=wp-api-140823100307-phpapp02]

  • 10up

    Hey Everyone, I’m starting a full time job for 10up as a Web Design Engineer. Exciting! In light of the new job. I’ve decided to change up TaylorLovett.com and move the blog to the front page. Soon I am trying to completely redo this site as it has gotten a little outdated.