Simple Cache Plugin

I released a new plugin called Simple Cache.

In my blog post Comparison of Popular WordPress Caching Solutions, I rated a number of popular caching plugins pointing out what I like and dislike about each. After writing the post, I decided to create my own plugin that embodies all the characteristics that I think are best for users based on my research and years of experience in WordPress.

Simple Cache is built on the notion of “two paths”: simple and advanced. The plugin defaults to simple mode which simply allows you to turn caching on and off. It “just works” and makes your site run fast.

Advanced mode let’s you set up page caching and object caching using either Memcached or Redis. The plugin uses forked code from WP Redis, Memcached, and Batcache – all plugins that are used on enterprise WordPress websites serving millions of page views.

The plugin is developer friendly with hooks and filters. It also provides very simple and user friendly instructions, notices, field explanations, and warnings.

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.


5 responses to “Simple Cache Plugin”

  1. Anthony Courtney Avatar
    Anthony Courtney

    Congratulations Taylor
    Well done have just installed Simple Cache for my simple blog
    It really does what it says on the tin!
    Amazing results
    Keep up the good work Makes it easy for non techies like myself to use

    1. Taylor Lovett Avatar
      Taylor Lovett

      Thank you!

  2. Taylor, is there a github repo for this plugin?


  3. I think this one the best fastest site plugin ,thank you for creating it

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