JSON REST API Subscriptions Plugin

This week I released the JSON REST API Subscriptions plugin for WordPress. The plugin requires the JSON REST API plugin.

The JSON REST API plugin creates endpoints like so


Obviously the /posts endpoint returns all posts and the posts/253 returns the post with ID 253.

The JSON REST API Subscriptions plugin adds webhooks style subscriptions to those endpoints like so:


By sending an HTTP request to yoursite.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/subscriptions like so:

"target": "http://notifyurl.com"
"events": ["create", "update", "delete"]

http://notifyurl.com would be sent a notification HTTP request every time a post is created, updated, or deleted. All subscription routes, requests, and notifications are explained in detail on Github.

Using this plugin gives websites digesting your content an alternative to parsing feeds.


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  1. Hi Taylor – I’m trying to find a way to send create, update, delete requests to Firebase. Firebase has a simple REST API to create, update and delete nodes (it’s a JSON datastore). It feels like this plug in is really close to being able to achieve what I want and I was wondering if you’ve done any work, or seen any projects, that post JSON to an API endpoint based on WP create, update, delete actions.

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