ElasticPress at WordCamp Miami and WordCamp Belo Horizonte 2015

On May 30 I am presenting at WordCamp Miami 2015. My session is titled “Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch”. I have revamped the talk a bit to accommodate less technical users. Rather than running through Elasticsearch configuration, I am talking more about example ElasticPress queries. I’ll be doing the same talk June 13 at WordCamp Belo Horizonte.

Here are my slides for the talk:
[slideshare id=49285188&doc=kn90yvgutz6anhmxhbaw-signature-ceaf3ee66f220b8c0abecab05c07a574ba287ef155962d54784a9fe15297676b-poli-150611195100-lva1-app6891]

Don’t forget that comprehensive documentation for ElasticPress lives on Github.


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