Best Practices for WordPress in Enterprise at ZendCon 2015

Today I am presenting at ZendCon 2015 on best practices for WordPress in enterprise.

10up open sourced their WordPress Best Practices (PHP, JavaScript, tools, and workflows) in late 2014. As the Director of Web Engineering at 10up, I drove this project and am the lead contributor to the docs. These best practices allow developers to build sites that scale, perform, and are secure on sites receiving millions of page views per day. They also standardize development practices in such a way that facilitates team collaboration. This talk will highlight some important parts of the best practices and reveal some valuable tips about how we (10up) engineer some of the most complex and most viewed WordPress sites in the world.

The slides are available here:

[slideshare id=54239445&doc=bz1mvvhwscksumf7zqkf-signature-689502203541e0af078b495c5be8a796bec1873c13e943f1fa621a53c683e9d1-poli-151021223704-lva1-app6892]


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