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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know about a new WordPress plugin called Safe Redirect Manager. I am one of the main developers of this plugin, and it has just been released on WordPress.org along with WordPress.com VIP (which is quite a special honor).

So what is the difference between this plugin and all the other redirect management plugins? Well, this plugin is simple, safe, and straight to the point. Instead of using the WordPress options table to store redirects, it uses a custom post type; this is much more flexible and lighter on your server. The plugin has been tested and reviewed by multiple WordPress core contributors and is available on WordPress.com — in order for a plugin to be available on WordPress.com it must be extremely secure. Safe Redirect Manager also allows you to use regular expressions in your redirects (if you don’t know what this is, don’t worry it’s an optional feature).

Download here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/safe-redirect-manager

P.S: If you are a developer, Safe Redirect Manager is available to be forked on Github.

Edit: Thank you Branco Radenovich for the Slovak translation. This will be included in version 1.6.1 of the plugin.


4 thoughts on “Safe Redirect Manager

  1. nishantratnakar says:

    Hi Taylor. Thanks for this plugin. I was just looking for something like this. Recently Jetpack added feature of Custom Post Types (CPT) and enabled Portfolio CPT. I run a photography website with my portfolio and blog. In the absense of CPTs in the past, I had implemented most of my work as normal wordpress posts but under a specific category called Portfolio. And some portfolios were published as a page. Now with Portfolio CPT, I installed a replica of my site on my local machine. And I am testing your plugin to allow for redirects. I see that WordPress automatically redirects the old permalinks of my Portfolio posts to the new permalink. So maybe, I don’t need to add any redirect here. But for pages that are converted to CPT, WordPress doesn’t redirect automatically. And, after conversion of all the Portfolio posts, I have deleted the empty categories. Here, wordpress will not redirect the archive link of the old category to the archive link of the new project-types. So, in these last two cases, I have to add redirects. I have figured out how to add the the permalinks in the plugin. But, I am not sure what exactly should be the option for HTTP Status Codes? Should they be the default value 302? I am not that technically aware of these status codes and their implication. I am a photographer who is running his own wordpress website :). But, on web there is a buzz about 301 redirects and SEO. I am not sure what it is either. So, could you please tell me what should be the status code that I add to your plugin while using it in my scenario?

      • nishantratnakar says:

        Thanks for the response Taylor. I am not sure if I am stumbled upon bug when this plugin is used on localhost or maybe some error in my settings. But, the moment I update the Safe Redirects Custom Post Type(CPT), the updates are published but the screen changes the CPT to an auto draft blank normal post. And when I go back to the screen that lists the Safe redirect rules, I don’t see the the updated safe redirect on the UI.

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