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JSON REST API for WordPress at the DC API User Group

Today I am presenting on the JSON REST API for WordPress at the DC API User Group. This is a shorter talk geared at both developers and API users with or without WordPress experience.

With core integration coming in the near future, it’s important for developers of ALL backgrounds to understand it will be available on ~23% of the websites on the internet. Here are the slides for my talk:

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A WordPress Starter Theme Based on JSON REST API’s Backbone Client

The past few months I’ve had the opportunity to work on the new JSON REST API for WordPres. My biggest contribution as a WP API team member has been the Backbone client.

The JSON REST API’s Backbone client let’s you interact with a WordPress installation using Backbone.js collections and models. The client is an extremely useful tool in creating reactive web applications (which seems to be where the web is heading).

As a proof of concept, I created a WordPress starter theme based on Automattic’s _s named _s_backbone. Loops (or post streams) in _s_backbone are driven by Backbone.js collections. This means that posts are grabbed on the fly without a page reload. Pagination is accomplished through a “more” button which, again, does not require a page reload. This is commonly referred to as “infinite scroll”.

Please download _s_backbone from Github. Any feedback is appreciated.

Edit: Check out the WP Tavern article on _s_backbone.